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NTD Notice & Takedown

Help us by reporting copyrighted and illegal content from our Usenet Platform

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Copyright Infringement

Speedium is committed to the freedom of expression of its subscribers. However, we are also aware that the Internet can be used in a way that is illegal and can cause damage to other parties. Speedium's role as a service provider is limited: we can only remove content that is considered offensive, insulting or infringing copyright. Due to the size and volume of Usenet as a platform, it is technically impossible to respond preventively to this type of content.

To ensure the quality and transparency of our company, this Notice & Takedown procedure has been developed to process reports of (alleged) offensive or abusive content and reports of copyright infringement. By clarifying this procedure here, Speedium wants to reduce the level of abuse of the Notice & Takedown procedure to an absolute minimum.
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Please send us an email directly including the message-ID of the article and a detailed discription of the content. 

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