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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our service, your subscription or have you experienced a problem? Browse through our frequently asked questions here

1.  Using Speedium
2.  Company Details
3.  Blockchain
4.  Usenet Information
5.  Payments and Codes
6.  Privacy and Security
7.  Errors and Issues

Speedium is a newly formed Usenet Platform in the Netherlands, focused on providing long term storage in a safe and decentralised way.

Have more questions? Talk to our staff directly on discord!


1. Using Speedium

What are the Speedium configuration details?

  • Server names:
  • Username: Sign-up email adres
  • Password: See configuration email
  • Port: 563 or 443 with SSL enabled; 119 with SSL disabled

You receive all log-in details in a configuration email after you sign-up for a monthly, yearly or block account.

How many connections can I use?

With Speedium you can use up to 30 connections at the same time. If you would like to have more connections you can always ask!

What speeds can I expect?

Speedium offers a maximum speed of 35MB/s or around 300Mbit/s. Be aware that some of our older retention is a bit slower. We are working on this.

When can I start downloading?

After you have signed-up at you receive a detailed email with all your settings. Our system needs a few minutes to process your account and after that you can start downloading.

Can I post content?

Yes, posting privileges are enabled by default for all accounts.

Can i share my account?

Yes, you are allowed to share your account with friends or family. There are no IP restrictions but you are limited to the maximum amount of connections.

2. Company Details

Is Speedium a Tier 1 Usenet Provider?

Yes, Speedium is a “Tier 1” Usenet provider. Our backend has been built from scratch in Q1 of 2020 and we are expanding our capacity with a combination of HDD, NVMe and Blockchain storage. 

Do you run your own storage and servers?

We maintain our own storage servers, front-ends, caches and feeders. We also manage our own IP space and network routes. Therefore we can operate independent from others.

What is your current retention?

Our current retention on our storage platform is about 2PB worth of Usenet feed. We are a completely new backbone so we are unable to have any articles available from before our launch. Therefore we have agreements with other providers to backfill older articles.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in a professional datacenter in the heart of Amsterdam. The wide availability of internet exchanges available in this region makes it easy for us to deliver articles around the globe. 

Do you offer support ?

We are trying to listen to our community as much as possible. Therefore we are not only developing and maintaining our backend, but are also actively helping our community. We want to be more open towards our users while maintaining safety precautions in place for not crossing any boundaries.

3. Blockchain

What is Blockchain storage?

Blockchain storage is a way of saving data in a decentralized network which utilizes the unused hard disk space of users across the world to store files. The decentralized infrastructure is an alternative to centralized cloud storage and can solve many problems found in a centralized system.

Why are you using Blockchain storage?

A few members from the Speedium team originated from the Blockchain space, developing and testing software solutions. We wanted to experiment with storage solutions available on the market and we came across a few decent decentralised options. 

Now we can store our older retention on Blockchain based platforms, reducing the cost while increasing our local retention. 

Are there any legal issues regarding Blockchain usage?

No, some claim that blockchains are immutable and there should be legal issues with using a Blockchain storage platform. But this is not the truth.
Removals from a Blockchain storage platform will be carried out the same as our local retention. We will follow NTD regulations.

What articles are stored on the Blockchain?

Due to the decentralised set-up of our storage platform we are having issues with increasing our speed on high traffic moments. Therefore we chose to only store older articles on the Blockchain at this point in time. All recent articles are being stored on local high-end SSD or HDD servers.

4. Usenet Information

What is Usenet?

Usenet is a network where people can exchange news, ideas, and information. For more information please visit Wiki.

What are newsgroups?

Newsgroups are discussion groups on Usenet. Each newsgroup focuses on a specific topic. Newsgroups are categorized into large subsections called hierarchies.

Which newsreaders can i use?

We recommend using SABnzbd or NZBget for downloading articles.

Does Speedium carry all newsgroups?

Speedium carries all newsgroups that are receiving posts regularly and that are considered to be legitimate.

5. Payments and Codes

What forms of payment are accepted?

The following payment options for recurring:
• Ideal (Sepa)
• Paypal
• Creditcard (Mastercard/Visa)
• Sofort
• Bancontact

The following payment options for non-recurring:
• Cryptocurrency (Coinbase Plugin)
• Paysafecard

Can I pay anonymously?

If you wish to stay anonymous we recommend using the Cryptocurrency or Paysafecard option for payment.

Can I sign up for a single month?

Yes, all our subscriptions are one-time only. You can select “recurring” at checkout for an extra discount.

How do i cancel a recurring subscription?

You can cancel your recurring subscription by logging into your dashboard, go to the subscription section and remove your current subscription.

How do referrals work?

There will be a referral code available after you login to your Speedium dashboard. If anyone uses this code while signing up for a yearly subscription, you will both receive one month for free.

6. Privacy and Security

Do you use SSL?

Yes, Speedium uses SSL encryption to ensure that all data that passes between our Usenet servers and your connection stays private and secure. 

I found something illegal in a newsgroup. What can I do?

If you found something illegal on our Usenet platform, please report it to the law enforcement agencies. You can send us an email with all the details, but there is nothing we can do about the criminals.

Are you keeping Logs?

Speedium does not keep any logs about what you are downloading. The only thing we keep track of for block accounts is the volume of the total downloads. 

Are you in favor of anonymity?

Yes, we are in favor of privacy and anonymity of our users. We respect this privacy by not asking our users more than we need, therefore we only require an email account and password for signing up. 

7. Errors and Issues

201: Server ready - no posting allowed

You are connected to our platform, but we do not allow you to post articles on our platform.

Possible reasons:

  • Your account is blocked.
  • We suspect that your account is being misused to post spam or illegal activities
  • Posting has been disabled for your account.

430: Article not found

You will receive this error message when an article is not on our servers. There may be several reasons for this. The most common ones are:

  • The article is outside our retention of 1500+ days.
  • The post has been removed due to copyright claims.
  • The posting is still in the process of being posted.

441: Posting failed

If you receive this error, please contact our support through one of our channels or email. We hope to solve this as quickly as we can.

482: Account Expired

You will receive this error when:

  • Your account has expired
  • You do not have an active account at the moment
  • Your payment has not yet been received

Please login to your account page to check your current subscription.

482: Too many connections

You will receive this error when you use more connections than there are available for your account. The maximum amount of connections you can use at the same time are 30.

482: Username or password incorrect

You will receive this email when your name (email) or password is incorrect. You can check your password after logging in to your dashboard. Please contact us if the issue persists.

Socket Error: 10013

This error will often appear as a result to your firewall/virus scanner blocking the software. Make sure your newsreader has sufficient system privileges to make a connection to the Internet.

Socket Error: 10050 (network is down)

There is no connection with the internet. Please check your connection or contact your ISP.

Socket Error: 10060 (Connection timed out)

Your newsreader has tried to connect to one of our servers but failed. Please try again in a few minutes, if the problem persists contact our support team.

Socket Error: 10061 (Connection refused)

The connection is probably being closed at our end. This often happens when you enter a wrong port. Please use ports:

  • 119 (non-SSL)
  • 563 (SSL)
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